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”4th Dimension begins where image stops. Sound. It tickles the mind and triggers emotion. In our opinion it is the key that turns image into an experience. And as it happens we are trained to do so. So here's to all you ambitious filmmakers, advertisers and business folks: contact us. We know how to make music."

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Johan Cruijff Foundation TV Commercial

'For this feelgood campaign we chose an adrenaline-driven soundtrack, inspired by african percussion. Combined with cinematic effects, it captured the on-the-move style it was shot in'.

Arcane London Lookbook

'Arcane and Vigics tried to set the tone with raw, crime-inspired cinematography. We accompanied this with a synth driven hiphop track. Timing the claps on most of the cuts, it ended in a slick ad'

3FM awards TV Commercial

'We had fun with this 3FM Awards commercial, providing Foley-like sounddesign. If you didn't notice that the sounds were fabricated afterwards, we did a good job!'

The Art Of Banksy Theatre Trailer

'Following the rebel nature of world-known artist Banksy, we scored this ad with a rough Imagine Dragons-inspired track. With the distorted guitar following the quick shots, we tried to heat up the campaign, drawing audiences to the exposé'.


‘Following three women and their stories, we created very different soundtracks for each ad. What connects all of them is a slowly evolving sound, both groove and synth-based. It creates a dreamy atmosphere that follows the story and keeps people wondering until the very end where this commercial is about.’